What Tribecans Cared About in 2018

Of the 1,128 posts published on Tribeca Citizen in 2018, here are the 25 to receive the most traffic* (in descending order).

1. Did Taylor Swift Buy Yet Another Apartment? (Feb. 5)
Indeed she did! At a crazy price! And you read it here first.

2. Military Helicopters Scare Lower Manhattan (Apr. 18)
See why….

3. Tulum Hotspot Gitano Is Opening an Outdoor Restaurant Here (May 7)

4. Casey Neistat’s New Tribeca Factory (Apr. 6)
It’s called ThreeSixEight, even though it’s at 370 Broadway.

5. Is Barnes & Noble Closing at Year End? (July 27)
Perhaps not: There are events in January listed on the store’s calendar. And there’s one in February, on the 6th—but nothing after that….

6. An Opening Date for Trader Joe’s (May 4)
Posts about Trader Joe’s reliably did well—which is why I kept writing them.

7. Tent & Trails Will Close Temporarily (May 31)
Or so the owner said, but then she sold the building. Then it fell down.

8. Best Market Has Closed (Oct. 30)
Not a surprise, but it still hurt.

9. Where to Order Chinese Food in Tribeca (2018 Edition) (Feb. 13)

10. Seen & Heard: Another Incident at 111 Murray (May 11)
A window-washing platform rammed into the building, shattering glass.

11. Seen & Heard: New Brand for the Former Ritz-Carlton (Feb. 10)
It was going to be called the Wagner Place Hotel, but then it was changed to The Wagner Hotel at the Battery.

12. Amada Will Be Closing (Mar. 15)
Chef Jose Garces was in financial straits.

13. Progress at Trader Joe’s Soho Store (Feb. 4)
In which I admitted that I had been monitoring the wrong storefront.

14. An Italian Food Hall Is Opening at Broadway and Canal (Aug. 20)
No signs of progress yet, though.

15. Seen & Heard: Au Cheval Isn’t Opening Anytime Soon (Apr. 19)
If I had to guess, I’d say no sooner than March.

16. The End Is Near (Dec. 5)
Convinced no one would want to buy Tribeca Citizen, I announced that it would go dark at the end of 2018. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong. Stay tuned….

17. Seen & Heard: Taylor Swift Is Building a Mantrap (Oct. 2)
Indeed she is! Wikipedia: “Mantrap: a physical security access control system comprising a small space with two sets of interlocking doors, such that the first set of doors must close before the second set opens.” And she’s busting through to the building next door.

18. Tribeca Treats Is Closing (Feb. 15)
Rachel Thebault went out with her head held high.

19. Where to Order Thai Food in Tribeca (Feb. 22)
Lan Larb and others.

20. In the News: Remembering Imogen Roche (Sept. 7)
The saddest story of the year. (See #22 below.)

21. Zutto Has Closed (June 4)
But it reopened under new ownership!

22. In the News: Teenager Fell to Her Death from Fire Escape (Sept. 3)
See #20.

23. First Impressions: Trader Joe’s (May 18)
I still don’t get the appeal.

24. Seen & Heard: Taylor Swift’s First Expansion Plan (Mar. 22)
Initially, Swift wanted to buy the garage at 15 Leonard and break through to the Franklin Street building where she owns two units. That didn’t work; hence the mantrap. (See #17 above.)

25. World Trade Center Subway Station Opens This Saturday (Sept. 5)
Seventeen years after being destroyed on 9/11.

*This doesn’t include pre-2018 posts with a long tail, such as Why Restaurants Hate GrubHub Seamless.


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  1. Happy New Year from Amy at the Civil Service Bookshop.

  2. I still can’t believe the BS that got thrown your way for the headline in #17, as if the world were not replete with authentic horrors.