What Tribecans Cared About in 2017

Of the 1,162 posts published on Tribeca Citizen in 2017, here are the 25 to receive the most traffic* (in descending order).

1. Teens Are Terrorizing Battery Park City (Mar. 24)
I should really start selling “Tribeca’s Most Wanted” shirts.

2. The Fight of Her Life (Apr. 13)
Ilysa Winick on her terrifying battle.

3. Rampage on the Hudson River Bike Path (Oct. 31)
The as-info-came-out post about the terror attack on Halloween.

4. Roc Has Closed (Feb. 28)
But I hear that Rocco and Stacy are enjoying Louisville.

5. New Kid on the Block: Ever After (Apr. 18)
Proving that there is indeed interest in another kids’ clothing store.

6. Five-Alarm Fire at Murray and Church (Sept. 1)
It was a doozy, as you can see in Jason I.’s photo above.

7. 11 Reasons to Be Excited About the Future (Jan. 2)
Who can’t use those?

8. We’re Getting a 66,000-Square-Foot Marshalls Store (Jan. 15)
Alas, it proved true.

9. Duane Reade Is Closing a Tribeca Store (Jan. 27)
And I suspect it won’t be the last.

10. Il Mulino Is Opening on Greenwich Street (May 5)
The restaurant seems to be taking longer than expected, since the restaurant has been hiring for a while.

11. The Desertification of Street-Level Tribeca (Aug. 28)
The annual census of vacant storefronts.

12. Calypso St. Barth Has Closed Its Tribeca Boutique (Oct. 3)
And it proved a harbinger of the brand’s shutdown.

13. Sifting Through the Ashes (Sept. 2)
A follow-up post about the fire at 111 Church (#6).

14. First Impressions: Canal Street Market Food Hall (May 16)
Is this sustainable? It never seems busy.

15. New Kid on the Block: Marshalls (May 18)
See #8.

16. WeWork Is Co-Launching a Tribeca School (Oct. 6)
It’s likely to be the first of many WeWork schools.

17. In the News: The Future of J. Crew (May 5)
A New York Times article about J. Crew’s challenges led to concerns about how they might impact the stores around here.

18. Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea Are Opening a Market Here (Apr. 4)
The plan subsequently changed, with Brooklyn Flea opening across Sixth Avenue instead.

19. Manhunt! (Aug. 10)
I may have gotten overexcited about the police pursuit of three joyriders who tried hiding in Sushi Azabu.

20. Montessori of Manhattan Is Closing Its Tribeca Campus (Apr. 20)
Unexpectedly. Perhaps WeWork (#16) made a better offer to the landlord.

21. Trader Joe’s Is Opening in Soho (Mar. 31)
Someday, anyway.

22. In the News: Tribeca Family Lost in Plane Crash (May 17)

23. Solving the Mystery of 111 Murray (May 30)
The mystery involved why the glass panels on the facade don’t line up perfectly for the entire length of the building.

24. Introducing Frenchette (Aug. 1)
The restaurant opening (perhaps soon) in the old Cercle Rouge.

25. Landmarc Has Closed (July 25)
And now it’s an event space.

*This doesn’t include pre-2017 posts that proven to have a long tail, such as Why Restaurants Hate GrubHub Seamless (number one by a mile for two years in a row) and the third Nosy Neighbor post, from 2009, which the Skimm linked to this year because it explains why film shoots have trailers labeled “Desi” and “Lucy.”


In 2017, there were 3,335 comments (including mine, when I was feeling illuminative or defensive). The posts to receive the most comments:

Teens Are Terrorizing Battery Park City (Mar. 24) / 76 comments
Tribeca’s Most Wanted!

Seen & Heard: Counterfeit Bag Vendors Remain Unchecked (Aug. 14) / 38 comments
The Canal/Broadway/Lispenard area is so jammed with vendors and tourists that you have to walk in the street; it’s wildly dangerous, but the cops look the other way.

The Desertification of Street-Level Tribeca (Aug. 28) / 37 comments
Are landlords greedy, or are larger forces at work?

Roc Has Closed (Feb. 28) / 34 comments
Field trip to Louisville?

In the News: Tetsu Opening Forecast (Mar. 22) / 30 comments
Someone made a joke that was in poor taste.

First Impressions: Serafina (Aug. 21) / 25 comments
The comments were about Tribeca’s homeless problem.

Sifting Through the Ashes (Sept. 2) / 25 comments
Questions and theories about the 111 Church fire.

The Tribeca Film Festival Is Not Throwing Its Street Fair (Mar. 9) / 24 comments
Some people were sad, others not so much.

Seen & Heard: The Oculus’s Absurd Elevators (Oct. 11) / 23 comments
“Insane” might have been an apter word. If you doubt it, try to get around the World Trade Center Transportation Hub without using any stairs.

When Tribeca Was Small (Part 2) (Sept. 25) / 21 comments
Photos of Tribeca in the 1980s

What Cops Have to Say About the Teen Hooligans (Mar. 30) / 19 comments
Don’t call me racist.

State of the Site (Apr. 21) / 19 comments
Want to buy a website?

Seen & Heard: Activity at the Former Don Hill’s (Aug. 30) / 19 comments
The comments were about a creepy guy wearing a “white pride” bracelet on the subway.

New Building Report Card: 12 Warren (Nov. 9) / 19 comments
Arguments for and against it.

Adventures in Bag Snagging (Feb. 6) / 18 comments
In which I tried to help rid the neighborhood’s trees of ugly plastic bags. It’s the time of year where one starts noticing them again, but I need a freestanding ladder and someone to help carry it (because the Bag Snagger has a tendency to get stuck high up in trees).

Field Trip: Bay Ridge (June 2) / 18 comments
People in Bay Ridge are touchy.

First Look at the 42-Story Building Planned for Broadway (Aug. 3) / 18 comments
Luckily, the design appears to have changed.

Duane Reade Is Closing a Tribeca Store (Jan. 27) / 17 comments
How long can Duane Reade justify two on Broadway between Duane and Park Place?

The Trashing of Tribeca (Mar. 28) / 17 comments
Nobody likes garbage on the streets.

Seen & Heard: Rebuffed at Spring Place (June 9) / 17 comments
When it was trying to get a liquor license, Spring Studios promised Community Board 1 that it would have a restaurant that was open to the public. Instead, it created a private club, with a private restaurant. One day, the restaurant showed up on OpenTable, so I made a reservation, and the club handled it badly.

Huge Residential Conversion on Church Street (Mar. 2) / 16 comments
Is there enough infrastructure to support the residents who will one day move into 250 Church?

Seen & Heard: Holland Tunnel Traffic Study Is Mainly About Soho (Apr. 1) / 16 comments
I need to try to find out whether the study ever happened….

In the News: Public Plaza Abuse (Apr. 19) / 16 comments
Developers promise the city that they’ll allow public access to a plaza (or in 101 Barclay’s case, the lobby) in exchange for building bigger or taller, and then they often don’t hold up their end of the bargain. Only BNY Mellon employees are allowed inside 101 Barclay, for instance.

Le Dû’s Wines Isn’t  Moving Here Anymore (Oct. 17) / 16 comments
Should local businesses be allowed to determine whether a competitor moves into the neighborhood? The State Liquor Authority thinks so.


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