Happy Thanksgiving to all, and of course, thanks

Painting by John Lloyd

I have several thanks to dole out this holiday, and for starters, I am just thankful to be writing this. That feeling of gratitude, while often reduced to a hashtag these days, does in fact improve your mood and outlook.

Thank you of course to all you readers for not just subscribing and reading, but sending tips, photos, encouragement, suggestions and even criticisms. This thing only works with your input and your eyes on the neighborhood.

Thank you to the advertisers who have kept the business side of the blog alive, even when their profits have thinned. You’ve all seen the news about the death of local news; the Tribeca Citizen continues to thrive because of their financial support and the value and engagement of this audience.

And finally, a big thanks to all of you for being good neighbors. People here have risen to these challenging times with tolerance and mindfulness. Many of you live above restaurants that are now forced to operate in the streets, and in the six months since curbside dining began, I have received exactly one complaint (I am excluding comments). I know some of you are inconvenienced and even annoyed, but it is my observation that most people realize how important it is for our local bars and restaurants to be here when we all emerge from the cloud.

When things were at their worst, many of you rallied around essential businesses and non-profits and helped them get by.

And so many pitched in where they could: Taste of Tribeca shifted its mission to help restaurants and fed hospital staff at the same time; local artists spruced up the streetscape; the neighborhood came alive each evening during the quarantine as folks saluted our city’s front-line workers; the parks brought families together outside; and some people just pitched in best they could by checking in on neighbors and doing more than asked. (C. sent the photo below, of a neighbor picking up trash on the sidewalk yesterday after a late-night dustup on Duane.)

All that makes me thankful to live here, so a Happy Thanksgiving to all today, and a healthy holiday season ahead.



  1. I am grateful for your amazing journalism. Thank you for all you do for the community. It’s a bright spot in my days. Wishing you a sweet and safe day.

  2. Thank you for adding to a sense of community here, through your posts and writing, and constructive discussions and comments; all the more important in dark times like these. Gratitude for the good in our lives even in troubled times; let’s aim for a better future.

  3. Thank you Pam for carrying on and continuing to make us feel knit together in our wonderful community.

  4. Thanks so much Pam. You certainly do a great job in keeping the neighborhood together when things elsewhere are fracturing. I think you help local businesses by keeping us aware of them and also pointing out those things which we may miss. It is a great service and i am sure it takes quite a lot of work. Take care, stay safe and keep on posting!!

  5. Thank you

  6. Pam, it is we who should be thanking you. I have always appreciated and lauded your efforts but this year, with everything topsy-turvey you have been one of the few constants. You are a champion of Tribeca be it people, culture, food, retail, local government affairs, and weekend get-away adventures you share as a neighbor. At least once a week I forward one of your articles to a friend, or tell my husband a bit of local news and he always smiles and says “Tribeca Citizen?” and I always respond, “of course, where else?”

    On a personal note, thank you for your help when I have reached out looking for a photo or just sharing your memories of the Culinary Institute. So I am giving thanks to you and your work (yes, readers, this takes a lot of work). Giving thanks to you for allowing both the lovers and the haters to comment (we cannot combat hate we cannot see) and your reporting which is unbiased but authentically opinionated (which allows us to relate and engage whether we agree or not). And lastly, yes, thanks to your advertisers who enable you to continue providing all of us with the Tribeca Citizen.

    Peace, love and good health to you and your family.


  7. Pam, Thank you so much for all you do to keep the neighborhood a neighborhood!!! Appreciate it so much.

  8. Thank you so much Pam for your insightful journalism and your support of our local businesses.

    I wanted to mention one local business that may not fit into your holiday shopping categories, but it has been a Tribeca stalwart for 36 years – Trilogy Photo at 111 Chambers. They are doing custom framing services as well as selling ready made frames. They got the key maker and picture hanging hardware from Tribeca Hardware when they closed. And, maybe, since we won’t be seeing our families, this is the year to send out photo Christmas cards which will support both a local business and the Post Office. Take in a family photo and Mark and his wife will turn it into a lovely card. Tel: 212-693-0210

    • A great addition, but I will note that I did not include a lot of other services, such as framers. We have many in the neighborhood and I was trying to be even handed.