Café Clementine opens today

The long-awaited reopening of Café Clementine will actually happen today at 10a at the location secured back in March 2021 (!) on the corner of Duane and Greenwich. (Thanks to J. for the daytime shot from this morning.) For now the hours will be 10a to 7p. I know there are folks who still can taste their soups. More on the menu when I stop by this week.

The sandwich shop operated for years on West Broadway just south of White, where One White Street now has its indoor farm stand, Rigor Hill. When the building was sold in October 2020, they took the corner spot at 325 Greenwich, but that was sadly the start of a long and painful process — a standoff, really — between the city and the owner of the building. See more on that Loft Law saga here. 

The update there from Joshua Greenberg, who owns the building, from March 15: “We’re literally days away from being done with the façade, just need to paint the fire escape, then the scaffolding will come down and we can paint the storefronts black. It’s going to look amazing.” Café Clementine got its gas inspection on May 16, which was the last thing holding them back from opening.

That completes the restoration of the storefronts at 325 Greenwich, which now has the maternity store Emilia George, Chip City and Tribeca Barber Spa. Those businesses filled in after the longtime shops in the building — Dudley’s Paw and Tribeca Wines & Spirits — were forced to leave when the building was sold in February 2019. 



  1. So happy that they’re back and love the new space. I had a tasty sandwich and salad for lunch today!

  2. oh what wonderful news!!! welcome back to the neighborhood, Cafe Clementine — I’ll be in tomorrow!

  3. so nice to hear about Clemintine!! The scaffolding, the owner been saying that for years. When i see it i believe it.

  4. I’ve never been so happy for a company/people that I’ve never met.. Glad they were able to prevail and look forward to at least trying them once (hopefully more)!!

  5. Good news. Finally. And good for all the businesses at that corner