Nosy Neighbor: Who’s Moving into 151 Hudson?

“Hey, I love your site—it’s a must-read for Tribeca residents. I was wondering if you have any idea what’s coming to the ground floor of 151 Hudson. I saw your north Tribeca update post but it didn’t include this space, so curious if you know!” —Annabel

The timing of A’s question was funny, because I walked by 151 Hudson (at Hubert)—once the Thai House Cafe—on Wednesday morning and wondered the same thing. I had thought it was some sort of staging area/temporary office for the Hudson construction, but a lot of interior walls had recently been put up. Asking around, I learned that it’ll be a law office. Knowing you’d want more, I staked it out yesterday afternoon. Eventually, a bunch of guys in suits came out. It is indeed a law firm, Gazes LLC, and they appear to be moving from 32 Sixth Ave. (because that’s the address on their website). Also on the website: “The firm of Gazes LLC was formed in May 1988, under the direction of Ian J. Gazes, a practicing attorney since 1979. The Firm concentrates in the Bankruptcy arena including the prosecution of avoidance actions for post confirmation liquidating trusts such as PSINet, Inc., U.S. Office Products, Iridium, and Alliance Entertainment. […] Although the Firm concentrates in bankruptcy the Firm is knowledgeable in other areas of the law including contract law, intellectual property law, and real estate law. In addition, Ian J. Gazes as a panel trustee has had vast experience in liquidating corporations in all industries.”

The architect on the job is n Architects.

As always, send your questions to and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  1. please, not another nail salon