Nosy Neighbor: What’s Above Babesta Threads and Frankly Wines?

I was wondering if you knew what was going on in the second floor of 66 W. Broadway, between Warren and Murray (the building that houses Frankly Wines and Babesta Threads). The entire second floor has been renovated and there are tasteful-looking shelves filled with wine bottles. Given the second-floor location, I assume it’s not a restaurant or shop but the appearance was certainly consistent with that. It’s a big space. I did not recall reading anything about it anywhere, and I assume this renovation has been going on for a while. I figured if anyone knew about it, it was you. —Jim

I, meanwhile, figured that if anyone knew about it, it would be Christy Frank of Frankly Wines. “T. Edwards Wines, which has always been up there, has done some renovations,” she emailed. “They’re a distributor, so they sell wine to stores (including mine) and restaurants. It’s both offices and a tasting room where they hold tastings for wine buyers (like lucky me!).”

I emailed T. Edward to see if I could come take a photo of the inside. The response was negative, if delightfully Edwardian:

Dear Sir
Thank you for your note. We are a private entity very quietly supplying a niche market of upper tier resellers of wine since 1994. The value of our stock and equipment is somewhat irreplaceable, and such exposure while benefitting the curious few would not serve at all my interest. We prefer to keep our presence private and in a broad context work to support the needs of our community. I appreciate your note. Send us a note soon and we will gladly share a sample or two.

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