Seen & Heard: Details on President Obama’s Visit

••• A reader tells me that President Obama is dining at Alexandra Stanton’s house; the ask was around $30K. (Another reader says that there are barricades all along Reade and that the White House schedule indicates it’s a DNC event.) Here’s a bio from the website for Doctors of the World USA, where she’s on the board: “Alexandra Stanton is the CEO of Empire Global Ventures LLC, a New York-based international trade and business development firm focused on India and China. She has held positions as Chief of Staff to the Empire State Development Corporation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington , D.C. under President Clinton and in the New York State Senate as Senior Advisor to the Democratic Leader, David A. Paterson. A veteran of state and national campaigns, Ms. Stanton has also worked in Paris for Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde (MdM), implementing international organizational development programs. Ms. Stanton is Vice-Chair of the Board of the Parrish Art Museum in New York and serves as a member of the Advisory Board of the Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts. She was also a founding member of the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum Network (NY).”

••• Sort of related: I neglected to mention in the part about Nancy Pelosi that her daughter, Alexandra, lives in Tribeca (as I happened to learn this weekend while reading an old copy of New York magazine at the gym; Alexandra Pelosi is a filmmaker who made the recent documentary about approval addict Jim McGreevey.)

••• “One of the rooftop terraces at 110 Duane St was robbed last week,” emailed yet another reader.

From a post on May 12: “We live in east Tribeca, just off Broadway. In January, our apartment with a terrace (and at least one other rooftop terrace apartment nearby) were broken into by someone who gained access through the roof of another building.” I don’t know enough about local crime to tell whether this is out of the ordinary, but it certainly seems like it must be. The other reports:
May 10: “Top-floor office in southeast Tribeca has been broken into three times since the start of the year.”
May 9: “I live on Leonard Street and someone broke into my apartment this past Friday by forcing my terrace window open.”
May 9: From someone on Walker: “A dude was caught on the fire escape of our building at 2 a.m. a couple of nights ago with a backpack.”
May 6: “I live at 47 Walker Street and was broken into this past winter. The robber came up the stairs at 49 Walker crossed to my roof and forced my terrace door open. He was seen as he made his way back down the stairs but wasn’t caught.”
April 26: “A man either psychotic or on drugs (as stated by the cops) used the scaffolding at #42 [Walker] to get onto their fire escape & climb onto the scaffolding & fire escape at #38. he RAILED, SCREAMED, SWORE & pounded on the fire escape & fire escape door windows, breaking windows on the 3rd & upper floors.”

••• The folks at the Greek, the new restaurant taking the place of Turks & Frogs, say they’re now shooting to open by month’s end.

••• Press release: “New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and State Senator Daniel Squadron today announced the expansion of access ramps to and from the Brooklyn Bridge and the FDR Drive, which will now accommodate two traffic lanes and simplify traffic patterns, easing notorious traffic bottlenecks for many of the 120,000 vehicles that cross the bridge daily as bridge rehabilitation continues. The first ramp, connecting the exit from the bridge’s Manhattan-bound lanes with the FDR Drive, has been expanded from one to two lanes, easing backups that often extend across the bridge. The second ramp, connecting the southbound FDR Drive with the approach to bridge’s Brooklyn-bound lanes, has also been expanded from one to two lanes, easing congestion and reducing the impact of cars that aggressively cut into the queue of cars at the entrance to the ramp. DOT is also nearing completion of work on a third ramp, connecting the bridge’s Brooklyn-bound lanes to Cadman Plaza West and Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn Heights, which will also be expanded to two travel lanes, expanding capacity and enhancing safety at this connection to local streets when work is completed later this year. The $508 million project to repaint the Brooklyn Bridge and rehabilitate its approach ramps started in 2010 and is expected to be completed next year.” I thought this was always part of the Brooklyn Bridge rehabilitation plan, but whatever, bring it on.



  1. I don’t think I’ve seen the use of the term “approval addict” before [re: former governor McGreevey). It’s provocative, in the positive sense. I’ve often wondered what that guy’s deal is.

  2. @David: I don’t know if the NY mag profile uses that phrase, but that’s the idea it conveys.

  3. Does anyone know if the N.Y.P.D. have increased police-ing of the Tribeca area in response to the break-ins? I know that Staple Street is a hotbed for the “smoking of the weed.” But I haven’t noticed any uptick in police presence or patrols. Maybe Smithers can get on C.B.1 for that?

  4. Someone jumped onto the terrace of one of the penthouses in my building from the building next door then tried kicking in the door. The guy must have thought that the apt was empty but the woman that lived there was home and called the po.

    When I spoke to one of the cops at the scene, he had said that the same thing happened earlier that night on Duane street, and was the 3rd one in the neighborhood that weekend. I live Bway/Franklin.

    This was like early April

  5. Seen it before in Brooklyn, DC, etc. Some hardcore contraband has newly hit the neighborhood, in bulk, and cashed-out street fiends, low on judgment, are looking for ways to score capital and keep on buying. All the hallmarks. No burglar into burgling alone would bother with Tribeca otherwise.

  6. Whatever our personal opinions may be about Jim McGreevey, he seems to have finally begun living an authentic life. There were casualities to be sure but coming out was clearly liberating for him.