Nosy Neighbor: Is Pier 26 Being Worked on Again?

It seems that finally there is work in progress on Pier 26. Last Friday night, there were workers working until around 9 p.m., and the next morning, the workers were there at 8:30 a.m. Do you know what’s up? —A. (who also sent the photo—click to enlarge)

I knew that the Hudson River Park Trust had recently presented an update to Community Board 1, but I couldn’t tell whether it had been announced that work was actually beginning on the unfinished Tribeca part. “Work is indeed progressing on Pier 26,” emailed Ann Clark of Edelman, which is doing PR for the Trust. “Construction on the boathouse/restaurant is already under way, and an RFP for the restaurant is slated for early 2012. The center upland construction of the Park (including the dog run and landscape immediately surrounding the restaurant/boathouse building on Pier 26) is scheduled to start in Spring 2012.” Which is all great! But what many of us really want to know, I said, is when cyclists and pedestrians will no longer have to share the one path between Laight and N. Moore. “We should be able to have separate lanes in spring 2013,” said Clark.

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