Newsletter: Nov. 5

Now that power has come back to Tribeca, there are some things we need to discuss—both to help our neighborhood get back on its feet and to protect ourselves in the future.
Please join me in offering a big thanks to the businesses who managed to open this week. (Those of you who left town may find this post and this post an interesting record of life during stormtime.) Many of the businesses went well beyond the extra mile to make it happen, and it’s safe to say they didn’t do it for the money.
Spend locally! I’m not going to do yet another rundown of who’s open—I’m guessing that businesses need to focus on getting back on their feet—so just go and find out for yourselves. (I am tweeting about openings, though.) And tip well.
Help out! I’ll keep posting volunteer opportunities when I see them—see Seen & Heard, below—because it’s not over for many, many people. The Seaport, for instance, is devastated. And some buildings won’t be inhabitable immediately because of the diesel spill that happened in New York Harbor. If you have room, you might want to host a Tribecan for a while.
What did we learn? If we don’t think about it now, we’ll be doomed to repeat our mistakes next time something like this comes along. Please add your suggestion here.

Please come visit us this Monday Nov. 5, and take a moment to share some of your Sandy stories with us. Bring the kids in costume from 5 to 8 for one last round of Halloween and if they need some gear for this cold weather which has hit us—we are pleased to offer a special 1-day only 20% off store wide to celebrate getting back on our feet. Sponsored

••• 11/1: Blackout photos. Plus: Hipsters don’t want no truffles; rich-people problems; ways to help post-Sandy; a lawyer offers businesses assistance; volunteers helping stranded IPN tenants.
••• 11/2: Status report on Zone A buildings. (Not good.) Plus: Wetlands founder Larry Bloch died; more ways to help out; Drew Nieporent’s losses; uptown restaurants thriving; Chabad of Tribeca’s volunteer efforts; 55 N. Moore.
••• 11/4: Which buildings are still closed. Plus: Realizations brought about by Hurricane Sandy; new restaurant rumored for Conrad complex; Seaport clean-up; two sort of famous people who live in Tribeca.

Do you need help with your respiration, civility, and concentration? You’re in luck: The DeRose Method is opening a studio in Tribeca. (The awkward timing of this post is my fault, in that I thought Tribeca might be ready to read about something else.) One thing is for sure: DeRose’s followers are certainly vocal.

••• 11/1: Grim news from the Battery Conservancy and in the Seaport. Plus: Whole Foods, World Financial Center and Century 21 open; another shot at Halloween; Benares restaurant; Jay-Z to the rescue.
••• 11/2: Free waffles today [which was the other day]. Plus: Volunteer effort; more on Distilled NY restaurant; Tribeca Greenmarket; Palm Tribeca update; New Amsterdam Market; CB1 meeting; what evacuees can bring back; Park Preschool; has anyone seen Jim Smithers? [Never mind.]
••• 11/3: Volunteering, benefits, and events. Helping the Seaport; sponsoring a food truck; meeting with Community Board 1; a Comic Relief concert; chamber music. Plus: Trees down in Tribeca Park. Also: Halloween trick-or-treating this Monday.
••• 11/4: Halloween do-over tomorrow [which is today, Monday]. Plus: More ways to help out the less fortunate; free temporary office space; emergency station at P.S. 234…?

Courtesy of StreetEasy, these are the properties whose sales were “recorded” by the city in the past seven days (ending 11/03/12)—the sales may have taken place earlier.

Fun for everyone, or at least people who don’t mind random pictures with snarky captions. (Thanks to everyone who sent one in.) Below: A classic from the Hideaway, photographed by Ross Heller.

Actually, here’s a bonus one, also from the Hideaway (courtesy Matt Bernson):


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