Loft Peeping: Allison O’Neill & Family

Lonny featured the 2,000-square-foot Tribeca apartment of Allison O’Neill, her unnamed husband, their two young daughters, and their German shepherd. Normally I’d run the photos from the publication, but these came via Studio Riga (based in Tribeca) and Studio DB, the design and architecture firms that collaborated on the project. “She’s from Philly, he’s from Michigan, and they have this life together in New York,” explained Studio Riga’s Jenny Vorhoff. “When it came down to it, that was our influence throughout the project.” Of note:

••• They added windows and a partition along the western wall, where the kids’ rooms are.
••• The clients bought the living room artwork while walking through Soho.
••• Vorhoff’s background is in hotel design, so she knows from durable fabrics—handy in a home with two young children and a dog.
••• The living room cabinet is from Tribeca’s own Oly Studio.
••• Some wisdom from Vorhoff: “You don’t want everything in the room to be airy, otherwise it’ll all float away. You need some pieces to ground and some pieces to float. You need some dark finishes and some light finishes. It’s all about the balance.”
••• And this: “Italians have been baking pizza on marble for centuries. It’s more durable than I think it’s been getting a rap for lately. If you’re reasonable about cleaning up, it will stay nice and clean.”
••• One area that Lonny didn’t mention was the huge roof deck, which has two lounge areas, a Big Green Egg, lawn play space, a playhouse, and even a television.

Annie Werbler wrote the Lonny text, while these photos are by Mike Garten.

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