The Self-Care Boom Continues

150 Chambers waxing salonRemember that fancy-ish mystery at 150 Chambers (above), where Manhattan Books used to be? I hear that it’s going to be a waxing salon, because the European Wax Center two blocks away apparently wasn’t keeping up with demand. Say what you will about how this might be too close to another nail salon for comfort: Without the self-care industries, we’d really be living in a ghost town. Off the top of my head, here’s a list of services and shops that are on the way in Tribeca (or rumored to be):

Heyday (facials)
Skin Laundry (facials)
Brush (?) hair salon
JinSoon (nails)
Bluemercury beauty store/spa
Aesop beauty products
Asanda spa
Four Seasons hotel spa

And if you add in fitness:
The Class
Pure Barre

And three hair salons that have recently opened:
Roman K



  1. …and bookstores continue to close. Sad.

  2. At least we have great nails and are hairless!

  3. Its the market forces of supply and demand getting ready to service the summer homeless population explosion. Sorry, maybe they have their pricing all wrong for that market.