What Tribecans cared about in 2022

The bad news is always at the top of these annual posts, but that’s how we humans roll. Of the 849 posts published on Tribeca Citizen in 2022, here are the 25 to receive the most traffic (in descending order).

1. Man jumps to his death from 56 Leonard
EMS responded to the Jenga building at 12:25p on Sept. 2. The CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond, who moved here from London to join the company in May 2020, took his own life.

2. A neighborhood fixture dies on the street
Chuck Daly spent the last several years of his life living at the intersection of Greenwich and Murray, getting to know neighbors — and being watched over by the employees of Target — along the way. Police first thought he had been shot, but the medical examiner has never divulged the cause of death.

3. New Kid on the Block: Warren Peace
The former sports bar Warren 77 was converted to a cozy new restaurant but the owner left some of the former tenant’s cool features in place.

4. The Palm Tribeca has closed
The outpost of the nearly 100-year-old chain closed in November, after 14 years on the corner at Warren and West. Some folks are still trying to get their faces off the walls.

5. Trash fires and explosions awaken Fidi residents
A man was arrested after he spent three hours in the early morning of Sept. 1 setting fire to trash left out on several streets and looting a store.

6. First Impressions: The Tin Building
The new venture from Jean-Georges Vongerichten has 53,000 square feet of food stalls, markets and restaurants. I’ve since checked out the Chinese speakeasy. Bonus: you can wander around with a drink.

7. Casa Carmen is open on Franklin
The third generation of Degollados — their grandmother was anointed the matriarch of Mexican flavors by The New York Times — brought their grandmother’s recipes to the former Tutto il Giorno space in April.

8. Peter Hort, lawyer, judge, art collector and father of four, dies at 51
The longtime Tribecan had roots Downtown going back four generations. But he saw his true achievement as his family.

9. What congestion pricing will look like here
The Central Business District Tolling Program will charge drivers $9 to $23 for each trip in or out of the Central Business District south of 60th Street, if it ever comes together.

10. Whole Foods (and Christmas) is coming
Back in February 2022, One Wall Street had signs up for the market after years of teasing; it just opened on Jan. 11. There was also news here about 27 Park Place coming along, a story on Twyla Tharp start in the city on Franklin, and celebrating the groundhog.

11. New Kid on the Block: North Bar
Estancia 460 owner Stacey Sosa scooped up the former Greek space and with some Tribeca talent turned it into a fab local joint. “We wanted it to be an homage to the neighborhood. It’s a love letter to the ‘hood.”

12. In the News: A lower Lower Manhattan
Not sure why this made the list? It’s a (unlikely) proposal to infill the harbor past the Battery to create more Manhattan. Of course it has been done before…

13. A crop of new openings in Fidi
News from the Fidi Fan Page: Gai Chicken & Rice, Farida Central Asian Cuisine, Amazon Go and the drum roll: Di Fara Pizza, which has since opened.

14. Cars stolen at gunpoint out of Tribeca garage
It had to be an inside job: the keys were left in the cars and they were just wheeled out.

15. A few updates from the Brookfield Place mall
Four spots have closed, but three recently opened, Le District is getting livelier, and there are two more eateries on the horizon for Hudson Eats. That was all from January. Here’s the latest, a year later.

16. Nosy Neighbor: Is there a non-profit scam going on?
L. wrote: “The whole thing struck me as odd –three young men soliciting for an organization I never heard of. My gut is it is a scam.”

17. Coming soon…
Back in May, there were a slew of new shops and restaurants coming online. Most came to fruition, though Chela has since opened and closed, and Plump, a reno of the old Ward III space and Bklyn Clay are still coming…

18. Van Leeuwen ice cream coming to Greenwich
In January, the born-in-Brooklyn family ice cream company’s announcement that it was opening its 31st store here at Independence Plaza got folks excited; they opened in May. Turns out the founders sold their first scoops ever right here in Tribeca out of a truck.

19. The Patriot has gone dark
The bar opened in 2003, an offspring of The Village Idiot. It never fully bounced back from the pandemic.

20. New Kid on the Block: L’Abeille
Created by a Tribecan to support one of his favorite chefs in the city, the restaurant has a fixed price menu as well as a la carte and a special terrace menu. They are expanding to the space just south to create a sushi restaurant this spring.

21. Son pleads guilty to Vestry Street murder of his mother
Tribecan Paula Chin was killed in the building that she purchased with her husband 35 years ago.

22. New Kid on the Block: Ito
Two friends from Cali and veterans of Sushi Zo have opened their own omakase on Barclay Street.

23. Local restaurants bring more Michelin stars to the neighborhood
Michelin released its new additions to its list of stars last night, and among the 19 restaurants in the city that received a star or more, five are in Tribeca or Fidi.

24. Canal Street counterfeit operation just goes on and on
Last fall, a neighbor started a petition in the hope that the expansive counterfeit ecosystem around Canal and Broadway could change — or just go away. Then there seemed to be progress for real, and continues now, at least when I have walked by. Too good to be true?

25. 55 Reasons to be excited about the future
The annual post of things to come, published in January, gave folks plenty of reasons to get excited about the future. Stay tuned for the 2023 edition with an update on these and then some since after all, this moment used to be the future.



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  1. Thank you for this! Well, looks to me like there are a lot of positives in the list, too. (And that’s despite the human negativity bias, the propensity to focus on and remember bad news).