Nosy Neighbor: What’s Going on at 27 Desbrosses?

Do you know what’s going on at 27 Desbrosses? It’s at the southeast corner of Washington and Desbrosses. We just noticed they boarded up around the storefront. —M.

When this email came in last month, I totally dismissed it: “I noticed it the other day,” I wrote back, “and I figured it was just a renovation—if I remember correctly, it was pretty beaten up (I think I took a photo of insulation coming through the cracks in the wall). And given the location, it’s hard to imagine it could be turning into a storefront.” The trend is for ground-floor spaces to go residential, if you haven’t noticed.

A week or so later, I was passing by, and I checked out the permits, one of which is to “convert cellar and first floor from retail and storage to eating and drinking establishment.” Huh-what?

I poked around, and sure enough, Ponte Equities (which owns most, if not all, of northwest Tribeca) confirmed that it’s a partnership between them and [Update: We had a miscommunication on the phone] they’ve rented the space to the folks from the Anchor Bar up on Spring. One has to assume that the top half will be the restaurant and the bottom the bar. No matter what, it promises to liven up northwest Tribeca, for better and/or for worse.

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