Nosy Neighbor: What’s Happening to My Parking Lot?

I was wondering if you knew what was planned for the corner of Watts and West. My fiancé and I used to park our car in the lot there, but we received a phone call a few weeks ago telling us the lot had been sold to someone who plans to build a ‘big building’ so we needed to vacate by the end of the month. —S.

S. told me that the address was 281-287 West Street, so I got online and found a mention of the plot during the brouhaha over whether there was a better spot for the Garbage Garage (281-287 West was rejected as too small). As I suspected, it’s owned by Ponte Equities. Ponte owns a lot of northwest Tribeca.

From left: 456 (?) and 460 Washington

I called Ponte a couple times, and eventually a gentleman named John Mele called me back. He sounded confused as to why I didn’t know that there were plans for a building for that spot. I realized that he was talking about 460 Washington—which I did know about—but, I explained, I hadn’t realized the adjacent parking lot as included. “It’s the whole southern half of the block,” said Mele. It’s a joint venture, he added, and they’re not sure what the end result will be, but residential rentals are likely to be involved (à la Truffles Tribeca).”A lot of people like the warehouses,” he said, speaking of 460 Washington and its neighbor, “but I don’t think they’ll be part of the final design. I don’t know the details, though.”

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  1. Hopefully something a little more tasteful than that awfully ugly Truffles building that looks like it belongs in the old USSR… complete with something resembling blast shielding on the ground floor?
    Fortress Tribeca? ;)