Nosy Neighbor: What’s Coming to 15 Canal Street?

Any idea what’s coming to 15 Canal Street? I walked past it on Saturday and noticed some work was being done in the spot (it’s the space adjacent to Roll and Go Pizza, in that triangular building across the street from Canal Room). A buddy said a high-end burger shop was going to open there, which I think would be fantastic. —D.

Funny, I also noticed this weekend that something was happening there, but I neglected to pursue it. (I did think, however, that that whole triangular plot would be a nice spot for a park.) So yesterday, after receiving D.’s email, I headed back over. There were no permits in the windows—ahem—so I bought a water at Roll and Go and chatted up the staff. “Same thing [gesturing at Roll and Go] but hamburgers and cheeseburgers,” I was told. The person spoke with no hesitation, so I’m inclined to believe that this is indeed what’s happening. I suppose it could end up being relatively upmarket, but that would be a bit of a shocker, given the location. In any event, The Butterfly won’t be too far away….

P.S. If that’s 15 Canal Street—and Google Maps confirms it—why does the awning next door (see photo) say 386 Canal? (Wait, Google Maps also thinks 15 Canal is 388 Canal.) So many mysteries, so little inclination to solve all of them.

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