Nosy Neighbor: How Can I Get a Personalized Brick on Greenwich Street?

Around ten years ago, I purchased personalized sidewalk bricks on Greenwich Street for my two daughters. I’ve since had two more daughters, and I’d love to buy them bricks, too. I have reached out to many downtown organizations, and none have responded they handle that. Do you have any idea who takes the orders now? —C.

The short answer: The bricks are no longer available.

The longer explanation, from Steve Boyce, who was president of the Friends of Greenwich Street, the organization that sold the bricks: In 2001, after more than a decade of community effort, the city narrowed Greenwich Street from Chambers to Hubert, but it wouldn’t financially support the expanded sidewalk, so the bricks were devised as a fund-raising initiative. For several years, a half dozen volunteers maintained the greenery as best as they could, but by 2014, the members of Friends of Greenwich Street had burned out, and when no one stepped forward to help, the group disbanded. Boyce says that the brick sales raised around $150,000 over the period.

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  1. Might try contacting with the Hell’s Kitchen park/garden that’s at 9 & 10 Ave on West 48. Just laid bricks Sat. Good people.
    5. Commemorative Brick Ceremony: 2:00 pm
    A commemorative brick ceremony to remember and honor some of our wonderful, dedicated gardeners who have passed away in the last few years
    We have custom engraved bricks to place around the garden, and would love to have volunteers come and share some memories of those who tirelessly gave to the garden all these years
    Clinton Community Garden
    P.O. Box 214, Times Square Station
    New York, NY 10108