Nosy Neighbor: How Long Will the Bogardus Plaza Construction Take?

How long will the Bogardus Plaza construction take? —N.

The work to combine Bogardus Garden and what was once a block of Hudson Street is expected to take 12 months, so if all goes to plan, it’ll be done in October of 2018. Marsha Guido, the New York City Department of Design and Construction’s community liaison for the project, is sending out weekly email updates about the construction and its impacts. (Email her at to be added to the list.)

If you haven’t paid much attention to this project, which has been on the drawing board for a while now, I’ve posted a diagram and some renderings. Inspiring, isn’t it? Donate to the Friends of Bogardus Plaza here. And next time you’re walking by, throw a smile to the poor worker assigned to stand on the Chambers Street side and hold a stop sign.

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  1. What is going on? It’s only 1500 SF! Every day there’s 2-3 people standing with stop signs discussing how hard they partied last night. Is it s three year job? it’s being going on for more than two years now. Someone should answer for this. They should rename it ‘Bogart Public $ Piazza’. Ridiculous.

  2. I write this a year after the concrete path park was supposed to be finished. Entire skyscrapers have been built in the time this job is taking. You walk past during the week and there’s a guy or two holding a stop sign – but nothing going on on the site. Or walk past on a Sunday and there are lots of people doing something, collecting overtime money on a project that doesn’t need weekend work.

    Whoever is supposed to be project managing over oversighting this really should be sacked. But of course it’s a government and union job, with zero accountability and what appears to be a limitless budget, so nothing will happen except our tax dollars wasted.

  3. A year?????????????????????????????????