Nosy Neighbor: Where Do Laughing Man’s Profits Go?

Laughing Man’s website says that 50% of Laughing Man Coffee & Tea’s profits go to Laughing Man Worldwide, and “100% of Laughing Man Worldwide’s revenue goes back to education, community development and new business development.” But I can’t find anything about who, specifically, that money is helping. Can you find out? —C.

I asked co-founder David Steingard: “Right now we are working with World Vision Australia, who introduced us to Dukale”—the coffee farmer in Ethiopia who inspired the whole idea—”and their community development work. We are in the process of organizing an effort to bring efficient and clean-burning stoves to more communities. Dukale has seen the benefit of this simple technology and not only does it improve his quality of life but also the quality of the product. Less trees cut down leads to more shade-grown coffee, which actually produces a better bean.”

I asked the natural follow-up question: How much money has Laughing Man Worldwide given away so far?

Steingard’s answer: “At this point we are working towards profitability, in order to give in a meaningful and sustainable way. Our focus right now is buying as much coffee as we can from Dukale and giving him a larger market. The new clean stove campaign will most likely the be the beginning of our give back.”

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  1. I think the original purpose was to buy the coffee from the coffee growers for a fair price.