Nosy Neighbor: Why Is the MTA Parking Buses on Church?

Why does the MTA park—and double-park—out-of-service buses on Church Street (for a couple of blocks below Chambers) during the evening rush hour? —E.*

“It’s to accommodate the construction on Worth Street,” said a rep from the MTA. “The buses were moved to Church Street where they can start their trips back to Staten Island (as you noted, evening rush hour only). It is temporary while the Worth Street construction is ongoing.” The buses apparently used to wait on Worth between Church and Broadway. Grateful for that much—and that it’s not permanent—I didn’t press further as to why the MTA would choose two blocks where construction projects already take up lanes of parking (as you can see in the first photo below, this puts a squeeze on Church Street traffic).

Unfortunately, the Department of Design and Construction’s community liaison for the Worth Street reconstruction project said that the work between Church and Broadway will likely not be done for another year and a half.

*That’s me. I’m a neighbor, too!

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  1. Are buses allowed to use Duane Street as a Tribeca cross street during rush hour? They are so loud and polluting.

    • I know of no reason they wouldn’t be allowed. You can thank the Worth Street reconstruction project for that—the buses that used to take Worth now take Duane. And yes, commuter buses are extremely loud. I wish the city DOT would insist on environmental regulation for any bus it allows to pick up/drop off in the city. Some of them sound like jet engines when they accelerate from a stop.