Nosy Neighbor: When Will FiOS Come to Tribeca?

Can you find out when FiOS is coming to Tribeca? And if it’s by some chance already in the neighborhood, when is it coming to North Tribeca? —K.

Take it away, John Bonomo, Verizon director of media relations for the northeast:

I don’t know offhand exactly (what streets) where we have deployed FiOS, but it’s a good bet that we are in Tribeca and North Tribeca, but just not in the building your reader is asking about. The challenge we have with a city like NYC is that when we bring it “down the street” we need to negotiate with landlords and property owners to bring it into that building. That’s vastly different than in the outer boroughs or suburbs where there are more (and sometimes exclusively) single-family homes. The homeowner says install it, and we install it the next day. In a multi-apartment building, there are negotiations as to where will you bring it in? How does it get up to each floor? How does it get to each apartment? Once in the apartment, how is it wired? These and other things are negotiated, because it’s important to the building owners, and us too.

Having said that, is there any way to find out what street(s) in particular your reader is inquiring about? If not, I’ll try to get a general sense from our Operations folks where it’s deployed.

I told him the address. (K. lives on upper Hudson.)

Our FiOS network runs past this address, however, there is no negotiation activity ongoing with the building’s landlord or property owner. Nor are there any discussions ongoing with any of the nearby buildings, which would be helpful since that would enable us to work on a cluster of buildings. We will begin to knock on doors to get the ball rolling here. Again, more demand in a square block is a good thing.

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  1. FiOS is in 275 and 295 Greenwich.

    Building politics is definitely a factor, although the actual deployment is actually pretty low tech once they run into your building. Fiber runs to the building and then it is actually routed as DSL to your apartment over existing copper for buildings without fiber in unit.

  2. I have tried to contact Verizon several times to get them to come to our building in north Tribeca (Greenwich st) and received no response.

  3. Riverlofts is currently being wired for Fios.

  4. It’s more than just building politics. Sometimes it depends on other buildings on your street, or even a street away. Verizon needs to do street/sidewalk cuts to run the fiber to a building. So even if a building wants to get fios the lines need to get to the building in the first place. If neighboring buildings are unaccommodating, depending on the street (subway, drains, sidewalks, cobblestone…) getting fios may be near impossible even if the building wants it.

  5. We wanted Fios and asked for them, but they told us our building was too small (8 units) for them to cable us… so there is Fios on our street, but not in our building. They are really coy about it, as if buildings and landlords are saying no, but actually Verizon is the one holding back.

  6. My building on Chambers St is wired for FIOS but it took over three months for them to schedule the hookup for me when I moved in. They kept claiming there were “equipment issues” impacting their ability to add new customers anywhere in lower manhattan (this was Jan 2012 – March 2012). Finally, when they performed the install, it took 4+ hours and we discovered the next day that they accidentally cut the Time Warner cables running to the two apartments above me so they had to come back and fix that.

    I’m no fan of Time Warner but I have to say that the hassle I experienced with FIOS greatly outweighs the quality/speed, etc. of their service. Awful customer service.

  7. Omar hates Time Warner Cable

  8. Re: FIOS
    Our building at 459 Washington (bet Watts & Canal) is being wired for FIOS… We have 14 units.
    I am aware of an adjacent building on Watts street (same management company) also having been wired for FIOS
    They are almost done, now waiting for Verizon “turn on” and subscription availability

    p.s. Liat and others – If there is cable already on your street, and it’s now simply a matter of them running it from the street through to the separate floors in your building, you can do something to help motivate them.

    I think it would be beneficial to put together a petition signed by all the unit owners in your building requesting service availability in your building and a willingness to switch once installed. Get your management company involved as many have multiple buildings and may have already dealt with the installers and know how to get this done.

  9. Come on by 88 Leonard Street, Verizon. We’ve considered switching to shadow puppets in place of TWC.

  10. Our building management has asked for fios. So I don’t understand why Mr. Bonomo says they haven’t. Mr. Bonomo, can you tell us WHERE our building can ask for fios? Can we have a name and contact number/email address?

  11. Unlike for its copper plain old telephone service, Verizon does not have right-of-way to install Fios. They used to be a monopoly able to bully their way into buildings to install their equipment, often in a shoody and unworkmanlike fashion. It is not surprising that Verizon is now getting a poor “reception” from landlords. Verizon tried to use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse to install Fios by falsing claiming water damage to copper lines in central Tribeca and threatening to withhold telephone service.

  12. Everyone rellllllaaaaaaaax. Verizon called and said that they would be there to install the FIOS between 1-4…..years. So figure on them showing up at 6…..years because the previous installation took a little longer than expected.

  13. FioS – it is everywhere, can’t you see their vans are obstructing nearly every street? Open your eyes. Oh, you meant CONNECTING to FioS – Oh, that is different. Never in the field of human communications has there been so many vans with so little connectivity.