Nosy Neighbor: What’s Up With the Exposed Wall at 111 Murray?

Now that the St. John’s University building at Murray and West has been demolished, you can see parts of 101 Warren that weren’t visible before. What’s in that crenelated part above Bed Bath & Beyond? And what’s going to happen the south-facing wall of 101 Warren, since the 111 Murray tower won’t take up the whole lot? —T.

Let’s answer your last question first. A rep for 111 Murray said that it’ll be “some sort of masonry wall,” and pointed to this rendering for guidance. (Even if the design ends up changing, the takeaway here is that it won’t be left as is.)

111 Murray plaza renderingAs for the crenelated part of 101 Warren—which according to that rendering, will remain visible after 111 Murray gets built—I asked a resident. “That’s the ‘amenities’ floor. The first bump is the gym, the second bump is workout room 1 (aerobics, stretching) then workout room 2, then a party/billiards/TV room space where people have Christmas and birthday parties. The gym and workout rooms are truly separate rooms with doors connected by a hallway (where a person hands out towels and cucumber water). The party/billiards space is open to the hallway. The depressions in between each are kind of skylight-covered zones. There’s a big proposal to upgrade the whole area because it was so weirdly designed and the market for amenities is much more competitive.”

The resident didn’t actually say that all at once—I cobbled it together from a series of emails. Because I was having a hard time visualizing it, I ended up sending this, which got confirmed.

101 Warren annotatedDuring the back and forth, I also sent over a satellite view from Google Maps. Obviously it predates the demolition (and subsequent renaming) of 101 Murray. I bring it up because it elicited this: “That weird spiral in the middle is an outdoor space with a (seriously) hedge maze. That would go away in the renovation. And those two corridors on either side of the spiral? They connects the amenities area to the residences. One corridor goes to 101, the other to 99.” Helpful readers are the best! Speaking of which: The photo at the top is by Laura.

101 Warren satellite viewGot a question? Email it to or call/text 917-209-6473.

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