Nosy Neighbor: What Goes on at 444 Greenwich?

A “Nosy Neighbor” question that’s been on my mind for months: What goes on at 444 Greenwich? —M.

I wasn’t positive which building was 444 Greenwich—sometimes Google Maps just isn’t sure of itself—so I walked over. I had never really thought about that building, always assuming, I guess, it was related to the garage to the south. “444” is on the red door on the right of the building above; the door in the left bay (with the red graffiti on it) says “442.” Some guys were standing in front of 444, so I couldn’t take a photo, and it didn’t even occur to me to ask what goes on inside—partially because I had Howard with me, and he can turn agitated with strangers.

Back home, I Googled “‘444 Greenwich’ NYC”, and amid the search-result noise were a historical result (in 1903, someone named Anglim died there) and a listing for Superhot Messenger Service. Googling the company’s name got me a phone number, which I called. Sometimes when I start a conversation with “I’m calling from a website about Tribeca…,” it doesn’t go well, for whatever reason, and this was one of those times when the guy who answered simply couldn’t understand why I was calling or what I was asking. Anyway, during our attempt at conversation he confirmed that 444 Greenwich was a “warehouse” for Superhot Messenger Service.

For all I know, there’s more to this story—I’m curious about the layout of the building’s interior, that’s for sure—but I’m satisfied enough. Except that I’m jealous of anyone who gets to answer the phone by saying, “Superhot.”

UPDATE: “I often see Medical Examiner vans inside the garage and vans parked outside the garage,” emailed a reader. “I believe police use this location to outfit vehicles for surveillance purposes. One example: I saw inside one of the vans parked outside last year and noticed dozens of screens, surveillance equipment, and seats in the back area of the van.” Maybe it’s Arne Svenson’s? I kid! “It’s surprising to me this building hasn’t been razed to the ground to become another Sterling Mason or Sugar Warehouse,”—or Truffles, more likely—”but if it is indeed for police purposes, then I imagine that’s the reason it hasn’t converted yet.” If so, no one is likely to tell me anything—so we’ll have to crowdsource it. Send any info to or feel free to call/text at 917-209-6473.

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  1. Cash Cab used to operate out of this garage.

  2. Agree with the comment above. May have looked like police surveilance, but I believe it was actually Cash Cab’s garage. The people who worked there were always very cagey about looking inside.

  3. for many years in the 1970’s + 80’s… it was used for recycling and commercial garbage trucks–pungent in the warm months, and the trucks were also parked along the street ….reputed to be mob connected…owned by Ponte’s…Two doors down from 452 Greenwich on the market now for 19 million $$.

  4. we have outfit lots of specialty vehicles at this garage, HBO Taxicab Confessions, Discovery Cash Cab & many others-