Nosy Neighbor: Why Are These People Gathering on Broadway?

Casey Neistat fans at 368 BroadwayThe last few weeks I’ve noticed increasingly larger groups of people—mostly teenagers and a few parents—standing in front of K&M Camera on Broadway waiting for something or someone. Any idea what’s going on? —S.

Casey NeistatMy source for all things Broadway confirmed what I suspected: They’re fans of Casey Neistat. “The guy is a superstar. Everyone just wants to meet him and get a photo. It’s like this every day now (unless he is traveling).”

From Wikipedia: “Casey Owen Neistat (/ˈkeɪ.siˌˈnaɪ.stæt/; born March 25, 1981) is a creator of popular YouTube videos, producer, director and co-founder of social media company Beme.” (Beme is based at 370 Broadway.) Last I heard, he both lives and works in Tribeca, and you might recall some of his videos set in the area. I once tried getting him to do a TCQ&A, to no avail, but hope springs eternal…. UPDATE: On Facebook, Jeff commented that Neistat recently moved to Battery Park City.

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  1. The timing of this is great – I had a similar question that this morning it dawned on me I should ask TC.
    I walk by 375 Greenwich most mornings (so, just south of Locanda Verde) and there are ALWAYS paps out there. Who are they hoping to spot and why?

  2. A superstar yeah ok LOL. He makes popular YouTube videos like what?

    !@#$ this guy for being too good to do a Q&A with you. He ought to consider it a privilege, Jeff Spicoli age 35 looking dweeb. Who moves from TriBeCa to Battery Park City.

    • You’re really underestimating the star power of top youtube creators, especially to teens. His DAILY videos regularly get 1 million views in a couple days.

  3. His studio/office is right above K&M. Used to try and see in (him) when walking my dog. Live in the area and have only seen him in person once. But this was before crowds started emerging (a year ago)! He’s very talented. Guaranteed one of the best and most dedicated video bloggers. Say what you want about YouTube, but it’s harder to come by a content creator as good as him. Inside or outside of the social media world.