Nosy Neighbor: Why Is Bogardus Plaza Taking So Long?

Why is Bogardus Plaza taking so long? It seems like they tear it up, go underground, cover it up, then tear it up again! So many machines and so many people for such a small space. —S.

“I don’t blame people for being frustrated,” says Victoria Weil of Friends of Bogardus Plaza. “What has happened is that the city decided to do a bunch of below grade work on the plaza since it was being opened up. They have updated both the Con Ed lines and the drainage systems. As is always the case, when they got underground they were presented with a bunch of interferences, which slowed them down substantially (nearly 10 months). The good news is that this phase should be done in the next week or so. Phase two will be the demolition and rebuilding of the plaza and will take eight months. The final phase is sidewalk and roadway work and shouldn’t take more than three months. The project is slated to be finished next November.”

In the meantime, local artist Anne Patterson, who is also on the board of Friends of Bogardus Plaza, has installed hundreds of Tibetan peace flags throughout the garden.

The park really is going to be great. Why don’t you throw it some money? From a recent appeal: “Although the plaza is closed, many costs still remain. We have the garden cleaned regularly, maintain a pricey insurance policy, and have other administrative costs.”

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  1. Entire skyscrapers have been built privately in the time it has taken the city to do this park. Nothing but excuses about the ConEd and other work. Even with that, this should have taken a few months. This is what you get when you have government union employees that see overtime and a meal ticket. magnify this across hundreds of projects across the city and down below (ie, the subway) and you will see how nothing gets done efficiently and at a reasonable cost in this city. Your tax dollars at work! Keep. Kick out Billy D and this horrible city council to make NY better.

  2. Fred said it best but that’s Union work at it’s finest.

  3. I can’t say with the remotest authority what the reason for the delay is, but blaming Bill De Blasio doesn’t seem to make any sense. Michael Bloomberg was the real estate pasha-as-mayor, and we saw the same sort of lassitude in lots of projects during his tenor.

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  5. How is this still going on and how in gods name are they allowed to make so much noise on a Sunday afternoon this is insane