Nosy Neighbor: What’s Up With the Building Under Renovation on Franklin?

Do you have any intel on the apartment building being renovated on Franklin between Hudson and Greenwich? South side of street, between Thalassa and defunct fire station. Is it going to be condos or rentals? —A.

158 Franklin

Neither. That’s 177 Franklin (above), and last November, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bedrock Brands, an investor in Steven Alan, bought the building and that it’ll house Steven Alan’s corporate offices. I verified that that’s still the case, as well as that the ground floor will be (in the WSJ’s words) “for the relaunch of a once-famous American brand: Shinola. Bedrock has filed for trademark rights over the Shinola name for a multitude of products from shoe polish to cosmetics, handheld electronic devices, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, toys, and sporting equipment.” A rep from Bedrock said that Shinola will potentially relaunch in late fall or early spring.

As for 158 Franklin, where Steven Alan is currently based, the space will “turn into a retail store but we’ll still be involved,” emailed a Steven Alan rep. I read that to mean that the store would not be a Steven Alan one—the man/brand often partners with other companies (such as J. Crew)—but I couldn’t get it confirmed.

Note: There is a slight chance you’re referring to 175 Franklin, 177 Franklin’s neighbor to the east, but it doesn’t seem like much work is going on in there.

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