Nosy Neighbor: What Are Those Doodads on 60 Vestry?

60 Vestry aka 426 WashingtonAny idea what’s going on with 60 Vestry? There are orange doodads sticking out of the brick and the sidewalk is closed. —J.

60 Vestry aka 426 Washington gizmoThey’re actually white doodads held up with orange tape, and they’re also around the corner on 428-430 Washington (with black tape), the only other survivor on that block. (The sidewalk was open by the time I went by.) They’re Crackmon concrete crack monitors, and they’re there to make sure that the work happening at 70 Vestry—the big vacant lot where Related plans this to erect this beast—isn’t damaging the buildings.

From Amazon:

The new Buildera CRACKMON® 4020A is a premium-grade, patent-pending, building-foundation crack monitor to measure displacement in foundations, concrete, stucco, masonry, plaster, wood, and steel structures. Ideal for restoration, seismic retrofitting, or forensic analysis of differential settlement, the CRACKMON® 4020A is an indispensable tool for structural, civil and geotechnical engineers, building contractors, trades professionals, commercial property owners, building inspectors, or homeowners. Buildera precision manufactures each CRACKMON® 4020A in the USA using premium-quality materials and workmanship for superior engineering accuracy and traceability.

Features and Benefits

—New 2D-plus polar magnitude and X-Y displacement measurement grid with precision TickPoints improve measurement accuracy.
—Vibrant rich-black and red UV-cured printing on opaque white background doubles the contrast, enhancing legibility in a wide range of lighting conditions.
—Unique serial IDs provide unprecedented engineering traceability in a crack monitor-essential in forensic studies and documentation of client reports.
—Integrated GeoQR technology simplifies access to online instructions and easy re-ordering using a smartphone.
—Extreme durability—50% thicker proprietary polymer compared to classic model (4.5 mm vs 3 mm).
—Flexible mounting arrangement optimized for #8(M4) or #6(M3.5) tamper-resistant fasteners and epoxy (sold separately).
—Available tamper-resistant Torx Plus® stainless-steel screws and anchors

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  1. Thanks Eric! I’m just a little disappointed that they aren’t actually called doodads. Was really hopeful that I got the vocab right on that inquiry. Darn it!