Nosy Neighbor: Will the Construction at Hudson and Laight Ever End?

We live on Hudson near Laight—right across from what used to be a park six or seven years ago (we stopped counting) and what has since been a construction site. We do not dispute the importance of such a project, but we do not understand why nobody is willing to give us a rough estimate of a return to normal. Nobody has ever answered our queries. Does the Tribeca Citizen have access to that information? —P.

First, I asked the New York City Department of Design and Construction for an updated timeline on the Hudson reconstruction project. Here’s what came in:

Phase 3 work on Hudson between N. Moore and Thomas: Crews beginning on the east side but the MPT [I don’t know and I didn’t ask] will be relocated to the west side prior to completion. Estimated duration = 1.5 years.

Hubert between Hudson and Greenwich: Euro cobble crosswalks should be complete this week. [This was last week.] Once the stones cure (3-5 weeks) normal traffic and parking regulations will resume.

Beach between Hudson and Greenwich: Cobblestone installation will begin at the end of this week: 3-5 weeks installation, 3-5 weeks to cure, and then normal traffic and parking regulations will resume on Beach.

N. Moore between Hudson and West: Utility upgrades and relocation precede trunk water main installation; duration anticipated 1.5 years.

Franklin between Hudson and Greenwich: Cobblestone installation scheduled for late summer.

But the response also said that the work at the southeast corner of Hudson and Laight is being managed by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Confused by the signage there—which mentions that the project is about “Clean and reliable water for New York City,” I asked whether it was at one point part of the DDC’s Hudson Street project. “The spot that DEP is working on is for the shaft. DDC was working near that location on the trunk water mains which will connect to the shaft to bring water from the new third water tunnel. But the shaft work is being done by DEP.” The trunk water main is the big one going down Hudson; the shaft is what brings the water up to residents, businesses, etc.

So I called the DEP. An official told me that the restoration work on most of the Hudson/Laight area will begin this fall, and that they’re hoping to be done by next summer. For some time in the foreseeable future, however, a small part will remain fenced off as an active work site while the trunk/shaft connections continue being made. As for what it will look like when it’s done, I assume that’s Port Authority land, and they haven’t generally been responsive, so I didn’t pursue the matter. It seems safe to assume that the streetscape will look like the one further down Hudson that was completed a year or so ago.

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  1. I live on Laight St between Hudson and Greenwich and I have noticed that all trucks and buses are diverted down Laight St. and No Right turns are allowed onto Hudson when exiting the Holland Tunnel. Is this a temporary measure unitl all this constuction is completed. These trucks and buses pollute the area, they idle at times, and congest the area with more traffic. And often they race to beat the light which is hazardous to children and pedestrians crossing the street. I have wriiten NY DOT but have not heard from them.-Samuel

  2. Thank you for your research and advocacy on behalf of our park, which currently functions as a parking lot for contractors Monday through Friday. We have contacted CB1 and the Hudson Street Trunk Water Main Project many times, only to be told very little when we have received a response. Tribeca Citizen is a true community partner with real journalistic expertise.