November Refresher

In case you missed it, here’s what happened in Tribeca last month. As always: If you find this useful and/or and/or informative, please share it.

••• Pier 25 opened, but not the miniature golf. Some longtime Tribecans objected to its soullessness.
••• Coming someday: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Ed’s Lobster Bar (or so they’re saying), eXerBlast, Tiny’s (owned by a couple of New York Rangers), Yorganic, an expanded Tribeca Rooftop, TenOverTen, the Blue School (an elementary school from the founders of Blue Man Group), something to the big Intérieurs space on Franklin (or so I’m hearing), a restaurant from the folks who used to own Barocco here, M.S. Apothecary (a pop-up), and Less Less. You get one guess which street that last one is on.
••• New kids on the block: Canal Park Playhouse, Sheraton Tribeca, Transit, Unleashed by Petco, Da Mikele (right), Pas de Deux, Emergency Medical Care.
••• Opening as soon as the liquor license arrives: Weather Up Tribeca, serving cocktails, champagne, and caviar. amid subway tile. More photos here.
••• “Ask for forgiveness, not permission.” —Robert De Niro.
••• A brazen-looking renovation for a building on Franklin got rejected. (Let‘s compare a rendering with the current building.)
••• The salt shed got approved.
••• I’ve started referring to the world above Canal as AboCa. It has yet to catch on.
••• Readers’ first impressions of Josephine.
••• I recapped the new buildings going up—seriously, they’re everywhere. Part one: 471 Washington, 1 N. Moore, 57 Reade, 77 Reade (more renderings came in later), and 107 W. Broadway. Part two: 33 Vestry, 52 Laight, Liberty Green, Liberty Luxe, Fiterman Hall, and Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street.
••• Meanwhile, developer Larry Silverstein plans on starting construction on 99 Church—currently a hole in the ground—by 2012. I wouldn’t book a room at that Four Seasons just yet.
••• Five Franklin Place was put up for auction (and preemptively bought), though it may not end up being the cool building that had been planned.
••• Another stalled building, 46 Laight, was sold. Changes will be made.
••• The Tribeca Citizen calendar of events got a rethinking, with an assist from reader Bob. It’s much more useful now. Please keep offering suggestions, folks!
••• World Trade Center news: The 9/11 Memorial’s fountains were turned on for the first time; also, advance tickets and a thorough pat-down will be required to visit the memorial. Westfield will handle the mall operations. One World Trade Center began getting clad. And there are already fears (and more fears) that the whole area will become a massive overprotected fortress.
••• Nutrition counselor Rebecca Sadek checked out a TRX-with-boxing class at B East.
••• TCQ&A: “I’ve Always Loved the Chicken from Cornerstone Grill.”
••• Nutritionist Amy Shapiro demonstrated how to order at Pepolino.
••• A push to allow dogs off leash on Battery Park’s lawns in the morning failed.
••• Styrofoam mosques were placed near Park51—and we found out who was responsible. (Photo courtesy Matthew C. Lange.)
••• The new East River Waterfront opens in a month or so.
••• The Tribeca Trib and its history columnist, Oliver E. Allen, published a new book, Tribeca: A Pictorial History. You can give it a browse at Working Class.
••• Kaffe 1668 started serving wine (and cutting off the wi-fi at night).
••• Stuyvesant students were smoking pot right outside the building. QED: Pot makes you d-u-m.
••• Gone but not forgotten: Color Me Mine and RHX.
••• More fun with canned goods at the World Financial Center, by Jennifer Liu. Thanks, Jennifer!
••• The Battery Park City ice rink isn’t happening this winter.
••• Inside the P.C. Richard & Son Theater. (Curious about someplace or something in Tribeca? Call me:
••• The old Kiva Café space on Reade is rumored to be turning into a women’s clothing store or Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee.
••• CB1’s Julie Menin got her wish: LMDC money for the WTC performing arts center. Also winning funds: West Thames Street Bridge and East River Waterfront.
••• Tweets! And more tweets!
••• Kids’ event planners Party Poopers spun off an adult-party division, Party Swank.
••• At the CB1 Tribeca Committee, I learned about the new jazz club and the restaurant with no lights and blind servers. Also: Can anyone get cars to stop running a particular stop sign?
••• Someone started selling “Jay-Z is my neighbor” T-shirts.
••• Tiny Furniture, a movie set in Tribeca and written, directed, and starring a young Tribecan, opened.
••• The Battery Park City Authority came under fire for overspending on parties and stuff, so there were calls to disband it. Mayor Bloomberg seemed disinclined to have the city take it over.
••• Mini sailboats in the North Cove Marina.
••• Funding came through for Basketball City on Pier 36, a.k.a. the Banana Pier.
••• I learned the sad, noble story of Hannah Senesh.
••• I began doing your holiday shopping for you. Here’s what’s cool on Warren and Murray, Duane, Harrison and Worth, and Hudson. (This tray is from Just Scandinavian.)
••• Marc Forgione is American’s Next Top Model Iron Chef.
••• Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen were spotted looking at the Fairchild. What are they thinking?! There’s no Starbucks anywhere near it!

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  1. Thank you for the Refresher: it is very useful and got me thinking about another useful feature you might wish to consider. I often walk past a new building, or one being built, and cannot recall what was there before. So, an old photo of the previous building and its store/bar/whatever, would be useful to those of us afflicted with poor memories. Maybe that could be a one-year anniversary feature of a new building.

    A comment about Pier 25, before and after. I miss many things about the old Pier and like many of the new things. I wish we could have both, but since we can’t, is it possible to salvage some more of our favorite things from Pier 25? No, atmosphere is not transferable, but there could be a small sculpture park on Pier 26. I miss the Sweet Love Hamburger Shack. But are those guys still around and could they operate the new golf/snack shop? I really miss the second story, the coolest (literally) spot in Manhattan on a hot day. I don’t expect a new one to be built but can’t we find a place for the old benches from the Brooklyn Baths? They are the only comfortable benches in New York City. The new lounges are great, but the benches were better for conversation. Will there be a dance floor for Moondance? I’m sure lots of your readers can submit creative and easy and cheap adaptations from the beloved old Pier 26 to enhance the wonders of the terrific new Pier 26.

  2. whoops…2 typos in last sentence. Of course I meant Pier 25.