Nosy Neighbor: What’s Happening to the Verizon Building?

I was driving across the Brooklyn Bridge when I saw that the outside of the Verizon Building looks like it’s being removed. Do you what’s going on? —A.

Last June, the building at 375 Pearl was sold to Sabey Data Centers, which is turning it into a data center like 60 Hudson or 32 Sixth Ave.; the name of the facility is Intergate.Manhattan. (My fingers keep wanting to type “Integrate.”) A data center makes sense: The ugly outside is a virtue, because data centers tend to get hot so they don’t want/need light, and the out-of-the-way location is better than right in the middle of a thriving residential community. Plus, it’s right by the NYPD if security is an concern.

A February article in the New York Times said that “While Sabey plans to leave the facade alone, it is gutting the inside of the building.” So the work does seem surprising.

But a spokesperson for Sabey says that “What your photo shows is the temporary removal of cladding to facilitate the installation of this equipment.” In other words, it’s going to look like it always did.

I took the opportunity to ask if there are plans to get rid of the hideous Verizon sign on the east side.

“Regarding the Verizon sign, it’s a bit premature to talk about our plans,” was the response. Let’s hope that (a) the Verizon sign comes down; (b) if there ends up being signage, it has some dignity. Or maybe the Bat signal can get projected onto the façade when necessary….

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  1. What makes you think the Verizon building is not in the middle of a ” thriving residential neighborhood?”. We were here way before you were?