Nosy Neighbor: What Are Those White Things at 137 Franklin?

Any idea what these white things sticking out of the windows at the building under construction at Franklin and W. Broadway might be? —P.

P. wasn’t the only reader to inquire about those. The architect I spoke with at Tribeca-based StudioMDA—who wanted to be anonymous—said they’re technically spandrels. (“In a building with more than one floor,” says Wikipedia, “the term spandrel is also used to indicate the space between the top of the window in one story and the sill of the window in the story above. The term is typically employed when there is a sculpted panel or other decorative element in this space, or when the space between the windows is filled with opaque or translucent glass, in this case called spandrel glass.”) In house, however, StudioMDA has been calling them shadowboxes. They’re entirely decorative, and not illuminated, and they just at different angles so as to reflect the light in different ways.

Now that we have the chance to see them up close, they’re much clearer in the renderings that have been around for a while (above right). And in hindsight, the video below—which I mentioned back in March—certainly does allude to such a feature.

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  1. I believe that the AIA also classifies them technically as “Pigeon Pooping Perches.”