Nosy Neighbor: Why Is Pier 25 Ripped Up?

Why did they rip up the north side of Pier 25? Was work done incorrectly the first time? —John

As the answer on the red sign on the fence indicates, the pavers cracked not long after the pier opened. According to a new article in the Tribeca Trib—it doesn’t appear to be online yet—”The problem occurred as a result of damaged material that prevented proper drainage. The water turned to ice with the first freeze, then contracted when it became warm, causing the cracking. […] The cost of the repairs is being absorbed by the contractors who did the work.”

The good news is that the disruption shouldn’t last long. “The work on Pier 25 is scheduled to be completed by November 21, 2012,” emailed a PR rep for the Hudson River Park Trust. “The areas of work are primarily on the northern side of the pier starting at the bulkhead and extending up to the sand volleyball court.”

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  1. Pier 26 is looking a little bit better. Any word on completion dates there? Or even a walking path opening?

  2. @Betty: I don’t think much has changed from a post in late July:

    The pier is on hold a bit because HRPT needs to find a partner for the estuarium (to help pay for it). As for the esplanade: “The hope is that it’ll be done by next spring, definitely by sometime next summer, although one chunk of the esplanade must remain unfinished for access/staging for Pier 26 construction. Still, the bike path will be separated out, a relief to anyone who walks, jogs, or rides in the park.”

  3. Good news re: bike path…
    I know they have a lot of financial issues to deal with, but find it odd that what was supposed to be a brief temporary situation now continues on and on ad infinitum.

    There is no reason they couldn’t move the construction dividers in a bit and simply pour a temporary bike path. Tar would be fine.

    The current situation is a bit scary (and I sometimes use a bike… ) – it’s really scary trying to figure out when people ambling in front of you with headphones on are going to suddenly change direction.

    Do they have an ETA on when that will be sorted out?…