Nosy Neighbor: Is 93 Reade Adding a Floor?

Any chance you can find out what is going on at 93 Reade? The rumor is that they are adding a floor. —Anonymous

The permits outside only mention façade work on the 1857 building. But the DOB filings indicate that yes, another floor is being added. Here are some snippets; pardon the caps. I didn’t feel like removing them.


The Schedule A on the DOB’s site indicates that the existing fifth floor and the new sixth floor and mezzanine will be one triplex (or maybe a two-and-a-half-plex?). Check out part of the filing in the image at right to see what I mean. And if anyone out there knows whether the change in “Occupancy Classification”—from “RES – RESID. BLDG – OLD CODE” to “R-2 – RESIDENTIAL: APARTMENT HOUSES”—is significant, let me know.

Last month, the matter went before Community Board 1’s Landmarks Committee. I didn’t attend that meeting, but I did get hold of the resolution that CB1 passed:

RE: 93 Reade Street, application for roof top addition and façade restoration

WHEREAS: The application is to fully refurbish this largely intact original cast iron building dating from 1857, and

WHEREAS: The front façade will be repaired with a restored painted cornice, replaced broken and missing capitals throughout, repaired store diamond plate, replaced wooden two-over-two clear thermal glass windows, all done to a very high standard and painted in an historically appropriate grey, and

WHEREAS: The capitals through out the facade are missing—it is proposed that these be replaced with an artist that digitally generates new capital forms from the original cast iron capital drawings—these will be manufactured in a high quality resin and attached to each column head, and

WHEREAS: The new storefront will be maintain the base transom with a new clear single pane glass storefront, residential door entrance and store door entrance constructed of wood, with clear glass transom above the doors, and

WHEREAS: There is minimal signage for the store and residential entrance, with no exterior lighting, and

WHEREAS: The 20’ roof addition is based upon a computer generated massing study from the cornice design—adding 1800’—and falls well under the existing FAR, and

WHEREAS: There will be 4 ½’ of additional height for mechanicals, and

WHEREAS: The studies show minimal visibility from only one location – Duane and Church Street, and

WHEREAS: The Committee commended the applicant for a very thorough presentation, and liked the proposal except that they felt the non-original elevator bulkhead that is highly visible should be removed and the non-symmetrical residential and store front door designs be reconsidered, and

WHEREAS: The applicant agreed to make both modifications, now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: CB#1 recommends the Landmarks Preservation Commission approve the application, subject to a site visit to confirm the mock up is minimally visible.

The committee and full-board votes were unanimously in favor. Remember, however, that CB1’s role is advisory, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission is the final arbiter. The LPC reviewed it on Oct. 9. The updated agenda indicates it was approved with modifications.

Here’s what the press office says happened: “The Commissioners were very supportive of the design, and the application agreed to modify the rooftop addition by setting it back several feet from the original rear façade of the building, which would help retain the original scale and massing of the building.”

I called the owner (Knightsbridge) and the architect (Work Architecture Company) but I got no response from either. Which is too bad, because Work does neat work and a rendering would be awesome.

As for how long the project will last, a neighbor told me the she heard it would be 15 months.

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