Nosy Neighbor: Is the Scaffolding on 110 Hudson Ever Coming Down?

There is a building on the northeast corner of Hudson and Franklin that has had scaffolding up for at least four or maybe five years. Is it ever coming down or is it permanent? —C.

I received emails like this from two other readers, and each time, I asked them (and readers) if anyone knew anyone in 110 Hudson (a.k.a. Borden House), because I figured there was no other way to get to the bottom of it.

Last week, I finally learned what was going on—a classic intra-building tale of Old Tribeca vs. New Tribeca—but before I could post it, I heard that the scaffolding is coming down today. Sure enough, I walked over there this morning and the work has already begun. “Maybe half a day” was the answer when I asked how long it’d take. (Update: Maybe we had a miscommunication, because by end of day there was progress but not that much.)

While I’d love to post the tale, I’m not sure the folks who shared it with me feel the need to give the OK, now that the matter is more or less resolved. Of course if anyone out there wants to share it, I wouldn’t stop you….

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  1. It’s down, it just took a few days.

  2. Just noticed the tags at the bottom of the post. Are the top three floors owned by the Novogratz family?