April Recap

This seems like an appropriate time to remind everyone that advertising on Tribeca Citizen is a smart move. And if you don’t have a business to advertise, well, tipping isn’t a city in China.

••• Artist Holton Rower was discovered to be making groovy poured paintings at 157 Hudson.
••• A “welcome plaza” for the 9/11 memorial is planned at the old Deutsche Bank site; security screening will happen in 90 West, whose residents are miffed. Meanwhile, the initial plans to have buses parking everywhere has been scrapped. Also, some families of 9/11 victims are unhappy about something.
••• Don Hill passed away, and his club is closing.
••• A horrible accident made a lot of us wonder why there’s still no stop sign at Greenwich and Duane.
••• New Kids on the Block: Tachi Gallery, Bari Studio, Theater Bar, Ted Muehling (which is moving to 52 White in the fall), Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs & the VIP Room Above That, Brushstroke, Patron of the New (left), Prime Essentials.
••• Moved: Grown & Sewn. Sold: Claremont Prep. Location discovered: Kutsher’s Deli. Popped up: By Robert James, Concrete Utopia, Telepan Tribeca. Previewed: Jung Sik Dang (coming to the Chanterelle space). Exploded: The Frites ‘N’ Meats truck. Revamped: Stuzzicheria, Washington Market Park.
••• Closed: Farinella, Il Matto (which is being reinvented as White Church—anyone else think Church White might have been a little less evocative?).
••• Opening in May: the BPC Shake Shack; Epifaneo restaurant; $1 pizza joint Roll and Go; Tiny’s for dinner; Silver Lining; Empire Asian Cuisine; the windmill-shaped building in Battery Park; Pier 25 mini golf; “America’s Next Great Restaurant.”
••• NBAer (that’s for you crossword solvers) Mike Dunleavy bought a place in Tribeca.
••• CB1 got three new members, one of whom lives in Stuy Town.
••• The Batlimo stayed still long enough for me to shoot it.
••• Tweets and more tweets.
••• The “terror trials” will be in Guantánamo, where laws don’t apply.
••• The New York Academy of Art threw its annual Tribeca Ball, and Krystl Hall took marvelous photos of people arriving: part 1, part 2, part shoe. Right: I could party with those two.
••• Tyra Banks annoyed her neighbors.
••• Anojja Shah continued her “I → NY” series of Q&As by speaking with Masako Chiba of Bit’z Kids.
••• Thanks to Warburg Realty and Moomah for running sponsored posts!
••• I got obsessed with buildings where something appears to be coming.
••• Goldman Sachs’s café sells treats from Momofuku Milk Bar.
••• I was a fly on the wall during the hour before A Caring Hand’s benefit at Tribeca Rooftop.
••• With help from StreetEasy, Tribeca Citizen introduced weekly real estate sales reports: Apr. 8, Apr. 15, Apr. 22, Apr. 29.
••• TCQ&A: Tory Weil.
••• Goddamn scaffolding.
••• Anne Frank Center USA and Sirius XM Radio are moving to 100 Church. Maybe channel 267 can be all about Tribeca. I can do a live mobile feed!
••• In what is possibly the month’s most bizarre story, beloved sculptor Tom Otterness was discovered to have shot a dog (after adopting it) in the name of art. His BPC library lions got approved anyway.
••• An evangelical church is being planted here. From the Times: “Trinity Grace considers all sex outside marriage sinful, and marriage as a union between a man and a woman. [Pastor Guy] Wasko said that he had kissed three women before marrying his wife, and that he now regretted all of them, his wife most of all.”
••• Loft gawking: Alexander Wang; the Midyette family; a $30 million triplex. Left: Wang’s fridge, which at first thought only had black-and-white food in it. P.S. The link in that post works now.
••• CB1 Tribeca: Sazón got rebuked; Little One (in the former Columbine space) and a pizzeria got liquor licenses approved.
••• A theater and gym for teens may be built above the Warren Street dog run. It’s handiest for the bullies who want to beat them up—they’ll know exactly where to lie in wait.
••• Exploring Southbridge Towers (which finally get an improved supermarket).
••• The renovation of 37 Warren (at Church) includes a four-story addition.
••• The garbage garage is closer to reality.
••• Elementary-school zones are getting rejiggered.
••• The Ed Hardy Townhouse was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Committee, mystifyingly.
••• Eight new enthusiasms.
••• Photographer Ellinor Stigle shared some delicious photos of street typography. Related: I’m still mad at my dog for making me drop my camera.
••• The River to River Festival lineup was announced, so I spent a few hours updating the Tribeca Citizen calendar of events. Also this summer: The Pop-Up Pianos are coming back, including one in Washington Market Park.
••• Local businesses suggested gift ideas for Mother’s Day.
••• A cat washed ashore on Governors Island. My best non-dirty name for it was Richard Parker, a.k.a. the tiger from The Life of Pi.
••• Bill Barrett talked about the inspiration behind 911, his sculpture coming to Finn Square.
••• We’re very close to getting another Starbucks. At the same link: An independent café is rumored.
••• Friends of Bogardus Garden want (wants?) a clocktower. What, no cell phone?
••• While compiling this post, I came across a crack I made about the Black Eyed Peas that, in hindsight, could’ve been construed as being racially based. I certainly did not intend it; I just meant that their music is awful.



  1. Otterness art is NOT approved

  2. @C Merry: Well, CB1 approved it, which is what I meant. It’s true that the library has yet to decide whether it’ll accept the donation.