Nosy Neighbor: Is This the New Dog Run?

dog runHere’s a pic of the new structure by Pier 26. Wondering if it’s the dog run…. —A.

‘Tis indeed! The Yin-Yang design isn’t a nod to our eventual Chinese overlords: One section is reserved for smaller dogs, such as mine, who might not enjoy the company of larger dogs. (Or who might enjoy it too much. Once, at the North End Avenue dog run, Howard came running toward me, triumphantly gripping a huge chunk of some golden retriever’s butt fur in his mouth. It was like he had scalped the dog, although “scalped” isn’t exactly the right word. We never went back.) Anticipating your likely follow-up question: Madelyn Wils, president and CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust, says it’ll open in early June.

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  1. This looks like a great location. Horrible locations are evident in BPC, feet withing windows of buildings where barking awakens entire blocks

  2. Nice steamship in the background!