Nosy Neighbor: What’s Butler?

There’s a sign saying “Butler” at 13 Lispenard. Is the Sheraton Tribeca renting out the space to a company? I couldn’t find anything online. —V.

“Butler is the name of the catering portion of Antica Ristorante,” says Leslie Solorio, the hotel’s sales coordinator. “Nothing new, they just decided to put a sign on their office door.” The Antica inside the Sheraton is related to the Antica in the DoubleTree hotel on Stone Street, San Marino inside the Four Points by Sheraton on Charlton, and Allora inside the Bernic Hotel on E. 47th Street. None of the restaurants’ websites mention catering, so presumably Butler is aimed at events inside the hotel.

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  1. Speaking of 13 Lispenard, the back door of the Sheraton: Is there anything to do about the unsightly and dangerous way they put their considerable trash out on Lispenard Street? The bins and bags go out at least once a day. They take up most of the sidewalk, usually allowing only one person at a time to pass on the sidewalk. It sits there for hours. The time it goes out is in no way coordinated with the time of pick-up. In this time it is usually being picked over by elderly Asians looking for deposit bottles. When their carter does pick up the refuse, there is never any attempt to clean the sidewalk and curb. Even when the sidewalk and curb are not littered with trash, the gutter is a solid mass of compacted garbage. They have a curb cut and a service garage right there. Why do they not store refuse there until pick-up. This is what Tribeca Grand (Roxy) does. It’s what any considerate neighbor would do.

    • Venting here feels nice (as I know from my own experience), but you should assume that local business owners won’t see it—and that goes double for a big company. So the first thing you should do is try reaching out to the hotel: The general manager might not even be aware that it’s an issue. If that doesn’t work, you should try asking Community Board 1 whether there’s any remedy it knows of. But if the hotel is in compliance with city law, CB1 won’t have much leverage.