Nosy Neighbor: Is a 60-Story Hotel Going up on W. Broadway?

66 WBroadwayI just heard that the owner of the building on the west side of W. Broadway, between Warren and Murray, is planning to build a 60-story hotel on that lot which also includes the parking lot and might include 67 Murray. —Anonymous

Just to clarify: There are three properties being discussed here. The main one is 66 W. Broadway, the beautiful 1900 building that’s home to Babesta Threads and Frankly Wines. (Tribeca Trust recently wrote about the history of the Gibbes Building, as it was known.) To its north is the Speedy Park parking lot at 69 Warren. Meanwhile, just around the corner on Murray, is 67 Murray, formerly home to Lilly O’Briens pub That last building was recently sold, no doubt a factor in Lilly O’Briens moving to where Taj Tribeca used to be.

Feldman Realty Group, which owns 66 W. Broadway and the Speedy Park plot, categorically denied the rumor: “Since we own both properties we have thought of all possible options about developing them separately or together but there are no plans to do so at this time.”

It remains possible that the new owner of 67 Murray has aspirations to buy the parking lot—the properties abut each other in back—and combine them (in which case, 66 W. Broadway could either be incorporated, awkwardly, or left out of it). And as I walked that block, I kept wondering about the buildings across W. Broadway, which seem even more ripe (or at risk, depending on your point of view).

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