Nosy Neighbor: What Is Stadium Goods?

There’s a small store on the north side of Canal Street called Stadium Goods. It looks sort of like an airline counter. What is it? —K.

Stadium Goods is a consignment store for sneakers and similar apparel. The counter at 305 Canal (Broadway/Mercer) is what the company calls the Market Center: It’s where you go to see if they’ll take your sneakers. On the north side of the building, at 47 Howard, is the store where the sneakers are wrapped in plastic and put on display. (They’re also sold online.) In exchange for handling the marketing, shipping, and payment, Stadium Goods takes 20% of the agreed-upon price. Before you go raiding your closet for old sneakers, bear in mind that only unworn shoes are eligible.

P.S. The sneaker pictured above, part of the high-end “Trophy Case,” is $7,500: “Inspired by LeBron’s favorite drink, the Arnold Palmer, this tropically-themed edition of the LeBron 9 Low features a floral print backed by the vibrant yellow hue with teal accents. Unreleased to the public, it’s now become an almost legendary sneaker in LeBron’s signature line due to its rarity.” Most of the sneakers sold via Stadium Goods are not remotely that expensive.

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