Nosy Neighbor: Will the W. Broadway Construction Ever End?

Chambers constructionDon’t get me wrong, I’m happy that there’s (finally) visible construction progress on Chambers between Greenwich and W. Broadway, but those two remaining open pits/staging areas at the northwest corner of Chambers and W. Broadway still grate on me. Have the contractors or the city provided a recent projection for when those two rodent motels will be shut down? —J.

I called Sarah Sandor (646-380-5172), the community liaison on the project—as listed on the flyers at the site—and she said that due to Department of Design and Construction protocol, she can’t talk to the press. (“But I also live around here!” I said. “I’m a local, too!”) She said she was sorry, but I had to call the DDC’s public information officer, who said, “The work  around W. Broadway and Chambers Street is anticipated to be completed in the late fall of this year.”

Sensing that Sarah would have more to say on the subject, I told J. that he might want to call and report back. Here’s what he emailed me:

Having reached the point of not remembering what Chambers Street used to look like, I contacted Sarah Sandor over at the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center. I had developed a minor obsession with wanting to know when we’d be getting our neighborhood back. She was very cheerful, and helpful, even if the news and details she shared weren’t all that cheerful.

The biggest thing I learned is that the intersections are where the magic happens and as a result of that, they will be the last components of the overall work project to be completed. The following are the projections that Sarah shared with me, barring major, unexpected challenges and yes, this is probably much more than anyone would care to know about the topic….

• Late summer: the W. Broadway to Church Street section should be completed.

• Late fall (“before Thanksgiving”): the W. Broadway intersection should be completed, but we should know that this comes in two stages, while the northwest corner could be covered by late summer, they will then have to open up the northeast corner to finish the job. Pending DOT approval, they will open up the Greenwich to W. Broadway section to two-way traffic again.

• End of 2013: Church Street to Broadway section should be completed.

• End of 2014: the Church Street intersection should be completed.

Thanks, J.!

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