Nosy Neighbor: Can We Get an Update on the Broadway Reconstruction?

Do you know anything about how much longer the construction on Broadway, south of Vesey, is supposed to continue? The bus stops between Barclay and Vesey have all been temporarily suspended—until April, the signs say—but if our Chambers street experience is any guide, I’m not holding out any hope. Traffic is already bad enough at times when things get backed up there. —W.

W. emailed this question in mid-November, and I dutifully emailed the media contact at the New York City Department of Design and Construction, because that what the city wants the media to do. After three tries with no response, however, I gave up and called the phone number posted at the construction site (212-791-6576), presumably the office for the project. I was hoping for a timeline about exactly what will be done when, but the guy who answered could only offer a broad answer. Still, it was good news: The reconstruction, which was supposed to be done in the fall of 2017, is currently on track to finish at the end of 2016—a year early. “This is construction,” he said, adding a caveat. “You never know what you’re going to find when you start digging.”

I didn’t get into the bus question because in my experience, the DDC will say to talk to the DOT, which will say to talk to the MTA, which will say to talk to the DDC. And ultimately, bus service will resume when it resumes.

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