Nosy Neighbor: What’s Untitled on Lispenard?

There’s a space on Lispenard with “Untitled” in the window. Is it a gallery? —A.

It is indeed a gallery called The Untitled Space. Photographer/artist Indira Cesarine bought the 45 Lispenard storefront in 2003, planning to convert it into a photo studio and gallery—but she was based in London and Paris, and even after the space was renovated into a usable state, she never quite got around to it.

Then, five years ago, she launched Untitled magazine in London. “It’s a fusion of art, fashion, film, music, and culture,” she says. “What makes our culture tick now.” The print edition, which comes out around two times a year, is sold in 30 countries; there’s an online edition, too.

In 2012, Cesarine moved back to New York City and made 45 Lispenard the magazine’s headquarters. The street had changed quite a bit since 2003. “I thought, why not open the space up? I went back to my original intention: Create a cultural hub for the magazine, an exhibition space”—they collaborate with galleries and curators and do their own shows—”and a place to raise funds for global causes.” The current show, “Eyes Open, Eyes Shut,” is actually of photographs by Cesarine that showed in Visionaire’s Paris gallery in 2010.

So if you spot a cutting-edge celebrity getting photographed nearby, you can probably attribute it to Cesarine and her company. The following artists have all been shot at Untitled or in the vicinity: Kimbra, Jack Antonoff (including images at Café Noir and the barber shop), Tove Lo, Elliphant (Cortlandt Alley), and Until the Ribbon Breaks (Holland Tunnel pedestrian bridge).

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