Nosy Neighbor: Didn’t Bread Tribeca Have Plans to Reopen?

I was totally bamboozled by the news about Bouley’s event space on Church and White. I was convinced this space was the new Bread location that was reported to be within one block away from the old location. Do you happen to know where the new location will be? —J.

In October of 2012, Bread Tribeca announced it was moving “a couple of blocks down Church.” At that time, there were three possibilities—one became Bouley Botanical, one became Shigure, and one (at the southeast corner of Franklin) remains vacant. (The former Bread Tribeca space is slated to be Añejo, a Mexican restaurant.) Then the restaurant posted a sign saying it was still delivering, possibly from the Hudson Street outpost that opened shortly thereafter. In February of 2013, I was told that the owners were “looking at a few spaces.” April brought this announcement: “We are very happy to announce that Bread Tribeca is springing into summer with a new Tribeca location! We’ll be reopening in about three months with a few new treats (hint: Breakfast, anyone?), as well as the same healthy options and delivery/takeout you already enjoy.” Then the reopening was pushed to late summer. Ever since then, it’s been silence—and the website no longer works.

I always found the restaurant hard to get information out of, so I wasn’t hopeful about making calls, but I tried, if halfassedly. The person who answered the Nolita outpost said to call the Hudson Street location (when I asked if she had the number, she said I could Google it), while the Hudson Street location said to call the Nolita one. I gave up, because there’s enough evidence at this point to assume it’s not happening. I’d love to be wrong—if you know otherwise, please email or call/text 917-209-6473.

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