Nosy Neighbor: Are Dogs Allowed at Outdoor Restaurant Tables?

Howard at SaleyaI’m curious if you have any insight to the rhyme or reason behind some of our favorite Tribeca restaurants, which seem to vary drastically about allowing a dog to sit outside with us. I get that if the sidewalk cafe  is enclosed, the dog should be on the other side but when there’s nothing but a table on the sidewalk, what’s the thought process? For example, [Restaurant A] is great, we sit there once a week. Tiny’s is ridiculous that they don’t allow you at all to have a dog outside. They don’t even have an awning or anything enclosing their tables, not even a planter! So there’s no explanation from the GM other than “we are not allowed.” [Restaurant B] is amazing despite the fact that they have a proper enclosed area, they greet the dog with open arms and a water bowl. [Bar C] is 99% of the time also wonderful, as long as the owner isn’t there. [Restaurant D] is also pretty nice and offers the fanciest water bowl of all Tribeca. [Restaurant E] doesn’t seem to like dogs, yet [Restaurant F] will deal with them. With summer ending and only a few weeks of outdoor time left, wouldn’t the restaurants want to have their outdoor seats filled? —K.

From the city’s Department of Health: “A sidewalk café is part of the restaurant, and except for service animals and working dogs accompanying police, no animals are allowed in a food service establishment per the city’s health code. There’s a similar provision in the State Sanitary Code.” Now you know why I redacted the names of all the non-compliant restaurants…. But surely one can have a dog on the far side of café fencing, right? Not taking anything city-related for granted, I asked, and this was the response: “Animals on the outside of restaurant or café fencing are not in violation of the city’s health code.”

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