Nosy Neighbor: What’s Being Done to the Leonard Street Substation?

con-edison-leonard-street-substationDo we know if any of the flood hardening of the Leonard Street Substation involves exterior modifications? There is a work permit taped to the door which talks about flood hardening and barriers around the entrances and louvers. —P.

I emailed Con Edison’s media relations folks, and while I waited for a response, I nosed around online. In a Con Ed PDF about “2015 Capital – Central Operations/Transmission & Substation Operations Rev 2,” the work is described thus:

The Leonard St Substation was not significantly flooded during Super Storm Sandy. This project addresses the storm hardening of Leonard St Substation to satisfy the new 2013 FEMA 100-year flood level plus an additional three feet.

Leonard St is an area substation comprised of transformers, switchgear, and miscellaneous equipment. In order to contribute to the overall storm hardening of the Leonard St Substation and eliminate major routes of water into the station, the following scope of work will be implemented under this project. This will ensure that a potential contributors to flooding is mitigated or eliminated at best. […]

2015 Projects are currently in the planning and scoping phase and are planned to accomplish the following:
• Seal all interior and exterior penetrations using RTV expansive foam
• New flood doors and barriers at station perimeter
• Seal fire protection equipment in the basement

But the Con Ed rep said the work is not as extensive as than that. “It’s one external door that gets a flood guard fitted, but not normally installed until a flood warning is issued.” He sent renderings that show how the “temporary post and panel structure” will work—the first image is”undeployed,” and the second is “deployed”—along with a photo of “how it looks up at on of our substations on the Upper West Side,” noting again that “the floodgate is only fitted into place after a flood warning is in effect.”

con-ed-substation-flood-protection-rendering-undeployed con-ed-substation-rendering-deployed-deployedcon-ed-flood-protection-uwsGot a question? Email it to or text 917-209-6473.

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  1. This “temporary post and panel structure” looks like what is out in front of the relatively new building at 350 West Broadway (AboCa).