Nosy Neighbor: Is Ponte Equities Starting on Another Huge Building?

In July 2013 you reported on Ponte’s restaurant closing and speculated about the scale of development on the block. From movements this week, it looks like it will be huge. As of last Monday, the parking garage on Washington between Vestry and Desbrosses was closed, and the machinery inside was being dismantled. A parking attendant around the way told us that it will be demolished. It looks at though the whole block will be razed and developed, but I don’t have any other info (other than what I observe). What happened to the rent-controlled residents of 31 Desbrosses who were ousted after Sandy and who filed a lawsuit? Has Corice Arman sold 428-430 Washington or will it remain as is? —Anonymous

The question is not whether Ponte Equities is doing something on that block—where it owns all but one building—but whether it will be big or huge. The hurdles to a full-block development (à la Truffles), as Anonymous notes, have been Corice Arman’s refusal to sell 428-430 Washington and the lawsuit at 31 Desbrosses (Ponte claims that Sandy rendered the building uninhabitable; the residents counter that the company just wants to kick out the tenants and proceed with demolition). Before we go any further, here are pictures of the block from each corner:

426 Washington31 Desbrosses39 Desbrosses266 WestFirst, I looked at the Department of Buildings website, because that’s how we tend to learn of Ponte intentions, but I found nothing. As I’ve said before, I find the site rough to use on a good day, and this potential development could be under a million addresses: 426 Washington (which the DOB says is also 58-60 Vestry), 432-436 Washington, 438-440 Washington (a.k.a. 31 Desbrosses), 266-267 West (a.k.a. 62-68 Vestry), 268-269 West, or 39 Desbrosses (a.k.a. 270-271 West and 37-41 Desbrosses). The parking garage, 432-436 Washington, has no open job filings with the DOB.

I called Ponte Equities, and they told me to email, which I did, writing that “I certainly understand you don’t have to answer these questions, but I’m sure Tribecans would appreciate it if you did. They love the neighborhood, as you all no doubt do, and are invested in its future.” I received no response.

Then I saw in a Yelp comment that Chandler Auto Repair (in the yellow-and-blue building at 266 West) is moving to the Bronx. “We’ve already moved,” said the guy who answered the phone. Was it because they’re taking down the building? “They’re taking down the whole block,” he said. The only other tenant on that block, that I’m aware of, is Stuart Parr Design (426 Washington/6o Vestry)—and when I called, I learned that the company moved out back in July.

Then I asked anyone and everyone I could think of who might know what was up. The rumor that came back was that there will be two new buildings on that block; the details, however—including whether developments include 31 Desbrosses and 428-430 Washington—remain vague.

If you know what’s going on, or you see demolition work happening anywhere on that block, please contact me at 917-209-6473 or And surely someone out there knows whether Ponte Equities and 31 Desbrosses settled the lawsuit?

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  1. this is my favorite block in the area and will be sad when it inevitably becomes another condo for scrubs

  2. def: pontification – ruining a neighborhood one crrappy 100 year lease at a time. Goodbye NW Tribeca…